Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving on Waldron

The family headed to Waldron Island for the Thanksgiving weekend, to visit Grandpa Steve and Great-Grandpa Chuck. We brought along Auntie Anna, Uncle Kolya, cousin Arriette, and ran into other family there as well. It was a great time. First we got to take a ferry ride, where we ran into cousins Aazaad and Shaadaan, along with Uncle Tyan and Auntie Meredith:
Miles got to do some EXTRA fun things like ride in the back of a pickup truck with Auntie Anna!

We collected apples and pressed cider - a big hit!

Here are some photos of the beautiful boy on the beautiful Waldron beach...

Another highlight was Grandpa Chuck's famous pancake breakfast. Miles made a respectable showing finishing off at least three!

Everyone got to chill out and have a great time at one of our favorite places ever.

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Elizabeth said...

That smile! Oh Miles, happy almost birthday!

Waldron looks great and GGP Chuck's pancakes look delish!